If you feel Japanese is difficult, STOP using conventional study methods right away.

Online From Scratch Course Features

This is completely different from conventional lessons. Our Super-J course was created taking a non-academic approach that enables learners to easily communicate in Japanese in just six months.

1) Applying the process learners use to memorize the vocabulary they need in the daily lives.
2) Taking advantage of readers’ knowledge of internationally used English.
3) Applying the principles used to remember abnormal events.
4) Using alphabetic script that can be converted into correct Japanese script.

Our Online Courses

[Super J from scratch (Total 30 lessons)]

[Part 1] OneWord Communication


A. Memory Magic Skill (5 lessons)
B. Target Words (10 lessons)

[Part 2] Sentence Communication


A. Sentence Building (3 lessons)
B. Situational Conversation (7 lessons)

[Part 3] Overall Communication


A. Script Starter (4 lessons)
B. Japanese Culture (1 lesson)

Lesson Flow

First payment

[Part 1] One Word Communication (15 lessons)

15 lessons: 75,000 yen
Enrollment fee per person: 20,000 yen

Second Payment

[Part 2] Sentence Communication (10 lessons)
[Part 3] Overall Communication (5 lessons)

15 lessons: 75,000 yen

*Two weeks before your first lesson.

Groups of up to four learners

A maximum of four students can take the course for the above price, so you can save money by sharing the course.

This offer also applies to the second payment (Enrolment fee is not required).

Student Testimonials

Mika-san (Female, Sweden)
The MAMA method is surprisingly successful and has helped me to memorize big amounts of vocabulary in a time efficient and fun way. For me this has been a crucial point, and it has made it possible for me to study parallel to my other commitments. I can strongly recommend Super J Academy to everyone who wants to learn Japanese, no matter is you are a beginner or just want to enhance your skills.

Cathy-san (Female, U.S.A.)
I really love the Super J. The most helpful point from this lesson is that I do not need to have perfect grammar. As long as I learn the vocabulary, I can communicate with Japanese speakers. This is very useful to remember because I feel like grammar is very difficult and it makes learning Japanese intimidating.

Eden-san (Female, Philippines)
The coaches were so kind and such enthusiastic teachers! My coach came to class well-prepared and her lessons are just great. Students can definitely get motivated learning with her, she always tries her best to teach her students well.

Free Self-study Video and Textbook

Free Self-study Sample Video and Textbook (the Memory Magic Skill Editions) are available. The way you approach Japanese language study will be completely changed. With this method, you can easily memorize more than 100 words a day in a fun way and recall them anytime.

Download Free

About Academy

The Academy was established in 2019 by the Super Japanese Coach Association with the aim of revolutionizing Japanese study by providing Japanese lessons that take a completely different approach compared to conventional academic methods. The method is based on Japanese-English magazine “Hiragana Times,” which has been published since 1986. The magazine covers topics related to Japan using a method that allows readers to study the Japanese language at the same time.