Our academy is designed to be able to communicate smoothly with Japanese from scratch in six months.

Our approach to Japanese study is completely different from conventional methods. Achieve the curriculum is programmed so that any learners who have strong intention to master Japanese in six months can reach the goal. Students will also learn not only Japanese language, but also Japanese culture, customs, and the Japanese way of thinking.


Ideal for people who
(1) Those who have not been able to make progress in their Japanese language studies
(2) People who want to be able to communicate in a short time
(3) People who are willing to learn on their own
(4) People who think that dialogue is more important than knowledge input

1. Three types of communication for realizing goals

OneWord Communication

The most important task in mastering the Japanese language is to learn the vocabulary. If you know a lot of Japanese words as your first step, you can easily communicate one-word with Japanese people. We will start by learning the necessary vocabulary (about 1,500 words).

Sentence Communication

Once you have mastered OneWord communication, you can start to learn sentence structure. The order of Japanese sentences is flexible, so the more words you understand, the more specific you can be in how you express yourself.

Overall Communication

At this stage, you will be able to converse to a certain extent, and you will learn hiragana, katakana, and other characters. In addition, no matter how well you can speak Japanese, if you don't know Japanese customs and the Japanese way of thinking, miscommunication will occur. We will also learn about these things at the same time.

2. Four key lesson points that are well supported

Teaching in English

Japanese lessons are conducted with English, so you can start without stress.

Self-study and lessons

Achieve your goals in the shortest possible time through "prep" using textbooks and videos and "review lesson lessons" with your coach.

Unique Method

We provide effective learning with various methods such as "how to remember words and characters" and "how to construct sentences" which are registered as a utility model with the Japanese Patent Office.

Trusted coaches

Certified coaches with a 90%+ satisfaction rating from students. Super-J coaches not only teach Japanese, but are also well versed in Japanese culture!

3. Two study courses to choose from

Full Course

You will learn all three communication skills at once in six months.

Select a part

Choose the communication you want to learn and master it.


Mr. David Harris-san (Australian)

Ms. Heidy CHAVARRIA-DRECOURT (French and Costaricain)

Ms. Maria (Charo) Tolentino (American)

Ms. Diana Cojocaru (Romanian)

About Us

We were established in 2019. supported by Hiragana Times, a bilingual Japanese-English magazine. Our goal is to spread the Japanese language to the world through innovative methods. Also Japan is regarded by many countries as one of the most attractive countries, the Japanese language itself is beginning to be seen as an attractive part of Japanese culture. Japanese language is also a part of traditional cultural pursuits, we are exploring nihongo do.