If you feel Japanese is difficult, STOP using conventional study methods right away.

We believe that the most important part of mastering a language is learning vocabulary.

Our MAMA method, which has been registered in the Japan Patent Office as a utility model, makes the process of memorizing a large amount of vocabulary in a very short time an enjoyable one.
The method is based on Japanese-English monthly magazine “Hiragana Times,” which has been published since 1986 and is supported by readers in more than 100 countries. The magazine covers topics related to Japan using a method that allows readers to study the Japanese language at the same time.

About MAMA Method

[Our Memorization Technique Uses Unforgettably Bizarre Scenarios]
In this lesson, you can memorize vocabulary in a fun easy way; once you’ve learned a word, you will never forget it with our “memory magic” study method. We never forget unusual events that fall outside our daily routine. Memory magic is a method of memorizing words by associating them with unusual events.

Imagine the left picture to remember the word “rain” (“ame” in Japanese)!
It rains. Alligators and melons are also falling down.

This course is suitable for

(1) People who have a hard time remembering words.
(2) People who think that words are more important than grammar.
(3) People who are willing to learn on their own.
(4) People who want to be able to communicate in a short period of time.

Super-J Online Course & Session

From Scratch Course

(Total 28 lessons x 80 min.)
This course is designed to be able to communicate smoothly with Japanese from scratch in 6 months. You may request your convenient lesson day and time.

MAMA Master Session

(One Session 80 min.)
In this session you can learn the skills of memorizing Japanese words instantly and recall them any time with MAMA “Memory Aid Magical Alternatives” method.

Optional Group Sessions

(80 min. each session)
The curriculum of session is derived from the “From Scratch Course” curriculum, and designed for those who have studied Japanese a little.

Try the "4-days Free Trial" or "MAMA Session" first!

Come and experience our Japanese lessons!

4-Days Free Trial

Video and texts of the four essential study skills are offered for free. The skills are super word memorizing, utilizing English words, alphabet typing for Japanese scripts. and almighty sentence pattern, You can gain the outline of the revolutionary Japanese study. The way you approach Japanese language study will be completely changed. Seeing is believing!

MAMA Master Session

Held every Monday at 09:00 AM (Japan time!)
Online session (Zoom)
If the session tine and time are inconvenient, please request in your desirable time and day.
Session Fee: 3,500 yen (80 min. Participants. Up to 6 persons)

Super-J coach will teach you the secrets of the skill of the MAMA method in a way that anyone can understand. Your Japanese study approach will be revolutionized by just taking this session.

Student Testimonials

Mr. David Harris-san (Australian)
Ms. Maria (Charo) Tolentino (American)
Ms. Heidy CHAVARRIA-DRECOURT (French and Costaricain)
Ms. Diana Cojocaru (Romanian)

About Us

We were established in 2019. supported by Hiragana Times, a bilingual Japanese-English magazine. Our goal is to spread the Japanese language to the world through innovative methods. Also Japan is regarded by many countries as one of the most attractive countries, the Japanese language itself is beginning to be seen as an attractive part of Japanese culture. Japanese language is also a part of traditional cultural pursuits, we are exploring nihongo do.