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The Tokyo Olympics have finally begun.

Did you see the opening ceremony? Pictogram performances and Drone art were impressive.

Now, at the opening ceremony, a man who serves as an official of the “Tokyo Olympic Control Center” operated the lighting switch of the venue and was playing a prank. Do you remember the scene where the man scribbled with a touch pen on his tablet device?

He was scribbling like this.

This is called “へのへのもへじ he・no・he・no・mo・he・ji”.

This is a character play that uses only 7 hiragana and depicts a pattern that mimics a person’s face.The first and second “へ he” represent the eyebrows, the two “の no” represent the eyes, the “も mo” represents the nose, the third “へ he” represents the mouth, and the “じ ji” represents the outline of the face.

I think that it is difficult for students to learn hiragana,but you may be able to remember people’s faces while scribbling them.

When you remember “へ he”, attach ” ゛” to the upper right and “べ be”.

Similarly, attach ”  ゜” to the upper right and “ぺ pe”.

If you remember hiragana “へ he,べ be,ぺ pe”, you can also remember katakana “ヘ he, ベ be,ペ pe”.In addition, if you take ”  ゜”  in the upper right, “じ ji” will be “し shi”.

If you fill it with black, “の no” will also be a girl’s cute eyes.

©Chibi Maruko-chan

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