How do I learn Japanese words?

It’s hot every day, isn’t it?

But it gets darker and faster, and I feel that autumn is approaching.

Well, September 21st is the day of Otsukimi in Japan.

Otsukimi means “viewing the moon”.

Otsukimi is a seasonal festival to appreciate the autumn harvest of grains while viewing the beautiful moon.

By the way, what do you associate with a full moon? Is it a cat?

In Japan, it is associated with rabbits.

Because the pattern of the moon surface looks like a rabbit.

Do you have a manga and associated with “Moon” and “Rabbit”?

Yes, it’s “Sailor Moon”!

© Naoko Takeuchi/KODANSHA

The name of the main character of this manga is “Tsukino Usagi 月野うさぎ”.

“Tsuki” means moon, “Usagi” means rabbit.

There are other manga that can make sense to a character’s name in this way.

©Oda Eiichirou/SHUEISHA

For example, “Usopp” that appears in ONE PIECE.

He often lies, but lie is “Uso” in Japanese.

If you remember the name of a manga character, you may naturally be able to remember Japanese words.

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