Listening and pronunciation are difficult.

There are only a few left this year.
Looking back, how would you describe how your year went?
In the world, the Coronavirus is still spreading.
I hope the Coronavirus situation will be resolved next year.

By the way, what do you call this clothes?

Is it a business shirt or dress shirt?

In Japan, it is called “ワイシャツ waishatsu”.
The origins of the word “ワイシャツ waishatsu” date back to 1873.
Westerners who came to Japan said “white shirt”, which japanese people at that time heard as “ワイシャツ waishatsu”.

This is the origin of the word “ワイシャツ waishatsu”.
We used to wear it as underwear, but we started to wear it as an outerwear.
“ワイシャツ Waishatsu” are mainly clothing worn by men under suits.

Anyway, listening and pronunciation are difficult in any pieriod.
Super-J Academy explains Japanese pronunciation in English in an easy-to-understand manner.
For example, “shaシャ” is “sha” of “shark”.
In addition, the text is written in Romaji and Japanese, so you can understand the correct pronunciation.
If you are interested, why not take a course?

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