[10] Acquiring Qualifications is not the True Purpose of Study

Meaningless to Pass Exams

Japanese language examinations are a great way for learners to check their ability and to motivate themselves to learn. They are also a great way of gaining validation from society for your abilities. Recently, however, we’ve seen a considerable trend for learners taking those tests not to test their level of competence, but just to prove they have passed, which is mistaking the means for the end.

Qualifications Are Not that Important for Companies

Even so, as if to encourage the mentality that qualifications and licenses are everything, the Japanese language education industry publishes books with titles such as “Trends & How to Study,” “Collection of Past Questions” and “Questions Often Seen in the Test” or holds lectures on similar themes. While some of the people who have passed these tests are truly capable, we’ve heard from companies who have employed people that many of them aren’t actually that competent.

Missteps Made by Japanese Language Teachers

The trend for being passionate about getting a qualification can be seen among people who want to become Japanese language teachers too. Passing the test has become an objective in and of itself and many people think that getting the qualification will guarantee them a job teaching Japanese. We often see businesses that are under this misapprehension too. Even if they’ve passed a test with flying colors, the ability of a teacher should be judged by the learner.

Time is money

On the other hand, there are many volunteer teachers who teach for free. This means that there are many learners who benefit from this. Mastering a language requires a vast amount of time. What is important for the learner is how fun and fast you can learn. Putting too much emphasis on teachers’ qualifications and lesson fees can lead to wasting a vast amount of time.

An Inevitable Revolution in Japanese Language Learning

Today, we see innovation in every field, including science and medicine, while in Japanese language education grammar is still being prioritized, just as it was 100 years ago. Also, the standard method is still a dull one: memorizing the rules of the Japanese language, repeating the correct pronunciation, and writing. Our Japanese language learning revolution is a method that makes learning as enjoyable as reading manga or watching anime.

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