Our Coaches

【Coaching Policy】

  • Be authentic and Bloom your wish in Japanese.
  • We will do my best to support your learning Japanese.
  • Let’s achieve your goal together.


Thank you very much for your interest in Japanese language!
I am AKIRI, a Japanese communication skill up coach and honored to get to know you here.

[About me]
・Experienced branding, marketing and sales job at a Japanese manufacturer company with the desire to deliver “Made in Japan” products to the world:
I understand how difficult to communicate each other and how much you feel a sense of accomplishment when working with multinational employees and customers using foreign languages.

[Qualified as a health care coach]
Because you spend your precious resource for studying, I will offer you scientifically-based learning and health caring advice so that you can acquire communication skills efficiently and steadily.

Going abroad, Going to see musicals, Learning something new

Areas of expertise and specialization
Healthcare / Japanese pronunciation / Business Japanese


Hi, I’m Yoko. I am friendly, cooperative, and encouraging. I love meeting new people, trying something different, and learning about other cultures and countries.

I am a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) and a certified instructor for business mindfulness meditation. I used to teach yoga and meditation at yoga schools in Japan. I previously worked as a translator. I translated news about the latest medical devices from around the world into Japanese.
I am currently teaching Japanese to international students at a Japanese university.

Yoga, Cooking, Playing musical instruments, Reading books, and Shopping.

I would like to have fun lessons with you, and inspire you to have as much speaking practice as possible during the lessons to build your confidence leaning and speaking Japanese. I am looking forward to meeting you in the online lessons.

Areas of expertise and specialization
Conversation / Pronunciation / Listening / Yoga


I am Naomi. I have worked for tourism industry for long period.
Actually, all my carrier was always with travel. I visited more than 100 countries and had opportunities to see their various lives and wonderful nature.
Meeting new people and unknown culture is very exciting. Same as you, I am interested in local foods, local events and also something traditional.

I have also experiences to learn new languages; Dutch and Spanish. So don’t feel so stress to learn Japanese and just relax and enjoy getting to know new culture.
I will be happy to help you!

I have devoted to tourism business and loved cruising and trekking.

Areas of expertise and specialization
I like wearing kimono, karate and calligraphy.


I’m Yumi.I’m from Osaka.
I worked as an accountant at the company for 11 years. There were several foreign colleagues in the same department. They were very good at Japanese, so we could communicate. But if we were speaking different languages, we didn’t know the person’s personality or way of thinking. Just by speaking the same language, we can understand each other even if we are from a different country.

Therefore, I became interested in Japanese language coach. I’m looking forward to the day when we can speak in Japanese.
Let’s study hard together.

Watching dramas and anime,Reading comics

I like cute goods and characters. SNOOPY,Disney,GHIBLI,MOOMIN,marimekko

Areas of expertise and specialization
I like Japanese culture. I will give classes tailored to your Japanese language learning purpose and also introduce Japanese culture.

Akiko Saito

Hello there! I am a mom of 3 children. I love fun things. As a member of a multilingual parenting group, I enjoyed the differences in languages and cultures while playing games with people from many countries and hosting homestays. Then I’ve come to love my country, Japan. Teaching Japanese is now my passion. I’m looking forward to having you in my class. See you!

Areas of expertise and specialization

  • Watching Korean dramas
  • Studying Korean language
  • Walking in the nature
  • Sleeping

Saho Kitamura

Hi, I’m Saho. I’m curious and have a strong challenging spirit. I have been interested in foreign cultures. I worked at the hotel in Osaka. I had a lot of fun talking with guests all over the world and precious experiences. Learning unknown cultures and communicating with people are very fun. I am currently teaching Japanese to international students at a Japanese language school. I understand what’s difficult for you. It’s hard to master foreign languages, but I’m very glad that you have interests in Japanese.

Taking a walk around shrines and temples, A walk and eat tour, Watching movies, Natural therapy, cooking.

Japan has many delicious food, beautiful nature and unique cultures.
Let’s enjoy learning Japanese taking in topics of interest to you!

Areas of expertise and specialization
Japanese food / History/ Sightseeing spot/ Natural therapy/ Conversation