Our Coaches

【Coaching Policy】

  • Be authentic and Bloom your wish in Japanese.
  • We will do my best to support your learning Japanese.
  • Let’s achieve your goal together.


Thank you very much for your interest in Japanese language!
I am AKIRI, a Japanese communication skill up coach and honored to get to know you here.

[About me]
・Experienced branding, marketing and sales job at a Japanese manufacturer company with the desire to deliver “Made in Japan” products to the world:
I understand how difficult to communicate each other and how much you feel a sense of accomplishment when working with multinational employees and customers using foreign languages.

[Qualified as a health care coach]
Because you spend your precious resource for studying, I will offer you scientifically-based learning and health caring advice so that you can acquire communication skills efficiently and steadily.

Going abroad, Going to see musicals, Learning something new

Areas of expertise and specialization
Healthcare / Japanese pronunciation / Business Japanese


Hello there! I am a mom of 3 children. I love fun things. As a member of a multilingual parenting group, I enjoyed the differences in languages and cultures while playing games with people from many countries and hosting homestays. Then I’ve come to love my country, Japan. Teaching Japanese is now my passion. I’m looking forward to having you in my class. See you!

Areas of expertise and specialization

  • Watching Korean dramas
  • Studying Korean language
  • Walking in the nature
  • Sleeping


I’m Yumi.I’m from Osaka.
I worked as an accountant at the company for 11 years. There were several foreign colleagues in the same department. They were very good at Japanese, so we could communicate. But if we were speaking different languages, we didn’t know the person’s personality or way of thinking. Just by speaking the same language, we can understand each other even if we are from a different country.

Therefore, I became interested in Japanese language coach. I’m looking forward to the day when we can speak in Japanese.
Let’s study hard together.

Watching dramas and anime,Reading comics

I like cute goods and characters. SNOOPY,Disney,GHIBLI,MOOMIN,marimekko

Areas of expertise and specialization
I like Japanese culture. I will give classes tailored to your Japanese language learning purpose and also introduce Japanese culture.


Hi, I’m Yoko. I am friendly, cooperative, and encouraging. I love meeting new people, trying something different, and learning about other cultures and countries.

I am a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) and a certified instructor for business mindfulness meditation. I used to teach yoga and meditation at yoga schools in Japan. I previously worked as a translator. I translated news about the latest medical devices from around the world into Japanese.
I am currently teaching Japanese to international students at a Japanese university.

Yoga, Cooking, Playing musical instruments, Reading books, and Shopping.

I would like to have fun lessons with you, and inspire you to have as much speaking practice as possible during the lessons to build your confidence leaning and speaking Japanese. I am looking forward to meeting you in the online lessons.

Areas of expertise and specialization
Conversation / Pronunciation / Listening / Yoga


Hi! My name is Ken Fujimura, please call me Ken. After working in IT industry, I became a coach who would like to study Japanese with you. I like reading books, listening music, watching films, eating out, and traveling. I’m looking forward to study Japanese with you!

Areas of expertise and specialization
1. Japanese(language) 
Everyday expressions/Slang/Unique words

2. Information about Japan
Good unknown places/Good restaurants/Unique shops


Hi! I’m Shoko. I have been interested in foreign languages, cultures and histories. When I was a student in Osaka University of Foreign Studies, I travelled to many countries. When I studied in the Philippines, I was a Japanese language teacher as a volunteer for 6 months. It was one of my greatest experiences.

After graduation, I have worked in sales at an insurance company for 7 years and ship’s survey company for 3 years and still now.

I’m looking forward to sharing Japanese culture and your culture! Let’s have fun learning Japanese!

Areas of expertise and specialization
I like eating and travelling. I can introduce a lot of Japanese historical places and many kinds of Japanese local cuisines. I like reading Manga and writing novels on the internet.

Toshiyuki MASE

In our introductory course we start by concentrating upon the very ingenious method that enables you to memorize basic Japanese words without painstaking efforts. Then I will show you how to use those words in daily conversations, while talking about our life, culture and unique tradition in Japan. Furthermore, taking advantage of my experience as a tour guide, I can take you to popular sightseeing spots all over Japan, off course on line, and tell you many interesting stories about them in Japanese! Why don’t you join us now and start learning Japanese language together with me?

Areas of expertise and specialization
I graduated from college in the USA, majoring in religion and philosophy. After I came back home, I started to learn the history of Shintoism and Buddhism here in Japan, especially Zen Buddhism and its influence over Japanese culture in general. So, I love to visit old shrines and temples, beautiful Japanese gardens and scenic places. I also have much interest in traditional Japanese cuisines of all kinds, from popular street snacks to a gorgeous course dinner at a first-class hotel. Let’s make some inquiries into them together!


Welcome to Super-J Academy!

My name is Naomi and I am a certified Japanese language coach. I have been married for over 20 years to an American husband, and also have three multilingual children. Therefore, I am well aware of what English speakers find difficult while learning Japanese. I will make sure to inform you about these difficulties and check that you understand them so that your Japanese studies will progress smoother, and your fluency will improve.
I love to talk with people from different backgrounds. In my class, along with the contents from each lesson, I will prepare a trivia containing local information that you may enjoy. Hence, not only can we learn Japanese, but look for differences between your culture and mine, and have fun! I am very excited to support your Japanese studies and let’s achieve your goals together!

Walking and running with my dog in the morning, searching for luxurious vacation homes, talking to people with different backgrounds, driving, watching TV shows on Netflix, studying English

Areas of expertise and specialization
Daily conversations (formal and casual) / TOEIC / Flower arrangement


Hello! I’m Mamiko Kashima. I have 2 daughters and work as a cabin crew at an Airline.

When I was 14, I stayed in Australia for a week and studied at an elementary school, At there I learned that foreigners learn Japanese. After that my dream was to be a Japanese teacher at an elementary school in foreign country.

Now I’m glad to have an opportunity to be a Japanese coach. I look forward to helping you learn Japanese.

Areas of expertise and specialization
I like traveling, reading books, shopping, swimming and kimono. Experience of Japanese teacher in Cambodia as a volunteer. I stayed in Australia as Working Holiday, I met many friends from all over the world. So I know how difficult it is to communicate with each other and learn new languages.


Hi, I’m Saho. I’m curious and have a strong challenging spirit. I have been interested in foreign cultures. I worked at the hotel in Osaka. I had a lot of fun talking with guests all over the world and precious experiences. Learning unknown cultures and communicating with people are very fun. I am currently teaching Japanese to international students at a Japanese language school. I understand what’s difficult for you. It’s hard to master foreign languages, but I’m very glad that you have interests in Japanese.

Taking a walk around shrines and temples, A walk and eat tour, Watching movies, Natural therapy, cooking.

Japan has many delicious food, beautiful nature and unique cultures.
Let’s enjoy learning Japanese taking in topics of interest to you!

Areas of expertise and specialization
Japanese food / History/ Sightseeing spot/ Natural therapy/ Conversation

Naoko JIN

Hi, everyone!

I’m Naoko, currently living in Okazaki, central Japan. The city is known to be the birthplace of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first Shogun who established the peaceful Edo era, which lasted more than 250 years. The origin of the Edo culture is Okazaki, so I can teach you not only Japanese but also Japanese culture during the lesson. I look forward to meeting you online!

Areas of expertise and specialization
・I am also an English teacher for Japanese students, so I am a professional in teaching.
・I am a teacher but at the same time, I am a student who is learning Korean! That’s why I know how nervous you feel when you learn a new language. So please relax and come join me for a lesson!


I am Riko. I was born and raised in Tokyo.
I have experiences of working at hospitality industry for over 15 years. Language is a fantastic tool to know each other, and I love to know new things through conversation with people from different backgrounds. But at the same time I understand how difficult to keep learning other languages. That is why I am here to support you. Let’s believe in a saying that where there is a will there is a way!
The only request from me is just relax and enjoy speaking Japanese and knowing more about Japan in my class!

[Like]Camping or hiking with my family and friends.
Traveling around Japan and abroad
Watching sports

Areas of expertise and specialization
Daily conversations/ Mountains in Japan
Interested in Japanese Sake.

Yoshiko Alawad

My name is Yoshiko and I am a certified Japanese language coach. I am a friendly, curious and open-minded person. I really enjoy interacting with international students, traveling abroad and introducing Japanese culture and learning other cultures.

If you want to start learning Japanese, this is the right place for you!
Learning a new language may be difficult and there is no shortcut to master it. However, I can support your study with some unique methods to make this journey of learning easy for you. Since I studied several languages before so I strongly believe that it is most important for beginners to learn vocabulary related to themselves something they are interested in and something that they can use in daily life then practice speaking with those words.

In my lesson, I will prepare new words/sentences for each student that you could use in daily life beside words/sentences in the textbook.
I will help you to have as much speaking practice as possible during the lessons and expand your knowledge with trivia about Japan. I am very excited to support your Japanese studies.

[my family]
I have been married to a Saudi Arabian husband and have one very handsome bilingual 3 years old boy.

Areas of expertise and specialization
having fun in discussing different topics
Daily conversations formal and informal
Japanese historical places and local cuisines.
dealing/interacting with foreigners


Hi, my name is Mika. I worked as a flight attendant for Japanese and American airlines for more than 30 years. Through the work I communicated with many customers and my colleagues from many nationalities and backgrounds. I have also beeing a hula teacher (Hawaiian dancing teacher) for many years. Learning different languages and cultures is very exciting and inspiring. It may broaden our own world. So letʻs study Japanese with me and enjoy Japanese cultures? I am looking forward to seeing you in the lessons.

[The things I love]
Hula, Playing ukulele, Traveling, Playing aerophone (digital saxphone), Standing paddle board, Reading, Watching movies and TV dramas, Delicious foods, Craft beer, Language studies (I am studying Hawaiian, Mandarin Chinese), Studying Hawaiian history and culture

Areas of expertise and specialization
Everyday conversations, Customer service conversations,  Honorifics


I am Naomi. I have worked for tourism industry for long period.
Actually, all my carrier was always with travel. I visited more than 100 countries and had opportunities to see their various lives and wonderful nature.
Meeting new people and unknown culture is very exciting. Same as you, I am interested in local foods, local events and also something traditional.

I have also experiences to learn new languages; Dutch and Spanish. So don’t feel so stress to learn Japanese and just relax and enjoy getting to know new culture.
I will be happy to help you!

I have devoted to tourism business and loved cruising and trekking.

Areas of expertise and specialization
I like wearing kimono, karate and calligraphy.