Welcome to our Super-J from scratch online course.

The purpose of this course is for beginners to acquire the ability to handle an everyday conversations in Japanese, using a method that is not only fun, but also efficient. It’s true. There are many things to remember and understand when learning Japanese. And many ordinary schools teach Japanese grammar first.

Learners at that kind of school always have to work hard to memorize some words, paying attention to the correct grammatical rules at the same time.

It is not easy for beginners to learn long sentences.

But don’t worry about the grammar. Japanese grammar is more flexible than you would think. If you know many words, you can communicate in Japanese and convey your intentions.

  • We believe the most important task for mastering a language is memorizing vocabulary.
  • You will master more than 1,000 basic words for daily life conversation in this course.
  • This course consists of three parts.

You’ll start to communicate in Japanese using single words, then learn how to make sentences, before moving onto writing Japanese script.

Our learning method has three features.
  • Utilization of our scientifically based memory magic learning method (MAMA)
  • Making associations with knowledge and ideas from English that have been incorporated into Japanese.
  • Learning about the Japanese perspectives and culture reflected in the language.

The MAMA method is essential for all lessons in the course. Let’s see how it works.

Lesson Flow
  • You will receive texts beforehand and are required to study them in advance before each lesson. Lessons will focus on one specific subject, such as eating out, shopping, numerals, or dates. All related vocabulary will be included.
  • In the lesson, your coach will check what you’ve learned in Japanese or English. Coaches are responsible for helping you clear each level and as such will reinforce areas you are weak in allowing you to master the subject at hand. With our method you are guaranteed to be able to communicate well within six months.
  • During the lesson the coach will encourage you to practice what you’ve learned in the texts. Through a conversation with the coach, you will also acquire information and trivia related to the subject of the lesson, while learning about Japanese culture at the same time.

Taxi System Lesson fees

A total of 30 lessons (80 minutes per lesson) 

First payment

*Two weeks before your first lesson.

[Part 1] One Word Communication (15 lessons)

A. Memory Magic Skill
B. Memorizing Target Words 1000

15 lessons: 75,000 yen
Enrollment fee per person: 20,000 yen

Second Payment

*Two weeks before the first lesson of part two starts

[Part 2] Sentence Communication (10 lessons)  

A. Sentence Building
B. Situational Conversation

[Part 3] Overall Communication (5 lessons)

A. Script Starter
B. Japanese Culture

15 lessons: 75,000 yen

Groups of up to four learners:

A maximum of four students can take the course for the above price, so you can save money by sharing the course.
Lesson fee for Part 1 per student will be:

  • Enrolment fee of 20,000 yen per student + below
  • Groups of two: 37,500 yen per student
  • Groups of three: 25,000 yen per student
  • Groups of four: 18,750 yen per student

This offer also applies to the second payment (Enrolment fee is not required).

*Consumer tax is required for learners in Japan.