The Online From Scratch Japanese Lesson

Our Courses (There are two entries)

1. Full Course

Total 28 lessons x 80 min.
Lesson Fee: $260 USD per month X 6 months

*If you cancel in the middle of a month, you will not be charged for the following month.

Lesson Type: Private or Share
A maximum of four people can participate at the above rates. You can share with your family members or friends.

This course is designed to be able to communicate smoothly with Japanese from scratch in six months. You may request your convenient lesson day and time.

Japanese Basic Knowledge (1 Lesson)

One Word Communication (12 Lessons)

Sentence Building (6 Lessons)

Situational Conversation (7 Lessons)

Script Starter (2 Lessons)

2. Group Select Lessons

OneWord Communication

Total 12 lessons x 80 min.
$420 USD

Lesson Type: Groupe Lesson (Up to 6 people)
Target audience: Anyone can participate.

You can communicate with Japanese people using only one word.

  • You will start to learn with visible words, and then apply to invisible words including numerals and abstract words.
  • With this fun method you will be able to easily master 1.500 words.
    *Rotation Session (You may take them at random in three months)

Sentence Communication

Total 13 lessons x 80 min.
$455 USD

Lesson Type: Groupe Lesson (Up to 6 people)
Target audience: Those who know about 1000 Japanese words.

You can easily make sentences with “House method.”
You can practice conversation with your coach over the topics of everyday life.
*Rotation Session (You may take them at random in two months)

Script Starter

Total 2 lessons x 80 min.
$70 USD

Lesson Type: Groupe Lesson (Up to 6 people)
Target audience: Anyone can participate.

You will learn basic Japanese character of hiragana and katakana with unique “PAPA method.”
*Rotation Session (You may take one of them first and the rest in one month)

Lesson Method

  1. Lesson texts and video will be provided in advance so that you can prepare for the lessons held once a week with your coach.
  2. Your coach will check your preview lesson by providing quizzes, and offer the related trivia. on Japan, as well as help you practice conversation.

Lesson Curriculum

[Japanese Basic Knowledge]Full CourseSelect Lessons
Japanese Pronunciation and Character structureLesson 1
[One Word Communication] Select Lessons
English in Japanese/Destination & Body PartsLesson 2A Lesson
Direction & Location/Weather/Eating outLesson 3B Lesson
Food & Cooking terms/Furniture & House ApplianceLesson 4C Lesson
Numeral Reading/Japanese Unit system/Japanese Money
Money & Bank terms/Counters/Traditional Japanese
Lesson 5D Lesson
CountingLesson 6E Lesson
Terms for Dates/A day & Time termsLesson 7F Lesson
Week, Month, Year & Duration/Special & Specific daysLesson 8G Lesson
Colors/Shapes & Lines/Patterns/SizesLesson 9H Lesson
Quantity & Quality/Speed/Temperature/Price/ImpressionLesson 10I Lesson
Describing People/Human Relations/Interrogative termsLesson 11J Lesson
Country & Nationality/Occupation, Job & Industry category/HobbyLesson 12K Lesson
Human Appearance & Character/PerceptionLesson 13L Lesson
[Sentence Communication ] Select Lessons
Action word (verb) Rules/Basic actions/Daily life actionsLesson 14M Lesson
Objective realities/Expressing Emotion/Tenses/Negative formsLesson 15N Lesson
Various action word expressions/Abstract expressionsLesson 16O Lesson
The base patterns/Interrogative forms/Characteristics of JapaneseLesson 17P Lesson
Application of base patterns/Features of action wordsLesson18Q Lesson
Expression Patterns/Responding words/Everyday PhrasesLesson19R Lesson
Asking for Directions/Terms for Roads, Time & DistanceLesson 20S Lesson
Information at Station/Asking for getting on the right trainLesson 21T Lesson
Restaurant conversation/Cooking terms/Japanese FoodLesson 22U Lesson
Phrases in store/Payment & Delivery/Shopping PracticesLesson 23V Lesson
Housing situations & terms/Looking for rooms/Household termsLesson 24W Lesson
Practices for Living /Facility information/Emergency callsLesson 25X Lesson
Travel, Sightseeing, Accommodation, Nature terms & conversationLesson 26Y Lesson
[Script Starter]Group Session
Memorizing hiragana script by categorizing shape groupsLesson 27① Lesson
Memorizing katakana script by categorizing shape groupsLesson 28② Lesson