The Online “From Scratch Course”

A total of 30 lessons (80 minutes per lesson) over three to six months.

Part 1  OneWord Communication

A. Memory Magic Skill (five lessons)

  • 1) Learning the structure of Japanese using alphabetic script (Glomaji) and the theory behind our magic MAMA method.
  • 2) Memorizing 38 words to do with shopping and other related information.
  • 3) Memorizing 44 words to do with travel and other related information.
  • 4) Memorizing 41 words to do with eating out and other related information.
  • 5) Master reading numbers, the different counting systems and other related information.

B. Target Words (10 lessons)

  • Memorizing visible words (items used in everyday life).
  • Memorizing invisible words (numeral counters, dates and times, appearances, colors/shapes/sizes, etc.).
  • Memorizing words to do with human relations (family, relatives, friends and others).
  • Memorizing action words (verbs), explanatory words (adjectives) and question words.

Part 2  Sentence Communication 

A. Sentence Building (three lessons)

* Making sentences, combining words you have learned.

  • The casual expression “nani kore?” (What’s this?) forms the basis of all sentences.
  • Applying this theory to other sentence patterns.
  • Expressions that make conversation run more smoothly.

B. Situational Conversation (seven lessons)

  • Survival conversation (traveling to a destination, getting on a train, and eating out).
  • Everyday conversation (settling in, shopping, and traveling).

Part 3  Overall Communication

A. Script Starter (four lessons)

  • Memorizing phonetic scripts (hiragana and katakana) with our unique method.
  • Taking a new approach to the study of kanji (ideographic script) structures.

B. Japanese Culture (one lesson)

  • History, geography, society, Japanese perspectives and customs.