From Scratch Course Application Form (Special Offer)

From Scratch Course Application Form
(Special Offer)

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Application Form

Super J Academy Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Scope of Application)
These Terms and Conditions are applied and are effective to all Super J Academy Japanese language lessons, hereinafter referred to as “Lessons” held by Super JAPANese Coach Association, hereinafter referred to as “The Association.”

Article 2 (Applying for Lessons)
Applications for Lessons shall be made by the following methods: By filling out the “Japanese lesson application form” on the website of The Association ( and by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Article 3 (Agreement to Contract)
The Contract shall be considered agreed upon once a payment has been made.

Article 4 (Lesson Fees)
Fees for each course shall be specified separately.

Article 5 (Payment Methods)
Payment shall be made via the following methods:
(1) Bank Transfer (Lump Sum Payment): The total fee shall be transferred to the designated account of The Association. (Any remittance charges shall be borne by the person making the payment.)
(2) Credit Card: The amount shall be withdrawn on the date the debit was made to the credit card company.
Article 6 (Cancellation before Start Date)
A cancellation fee shall be charged in the following cases: “The Start Date” refers to the date of the first lesson (the same in the following sentences), and “the start time” refers to the start time of the first lesson on the first date. The moment of a cancellation notice shall be the moment that the notice reached The Association by email, post or other clear methods and the Association has acknowledged the issue.
50% cancellation fee (deducted from the full tuition fee): when the cancellation notice has been made within 10 days to 3 days before The Start Date.
70% cancellation fee: when the cancellation notice has been made within 2 days to 24 hours before The Start Date.
100% cancellation fee: when the cancellation notice has been made within 24 hours of The Start Date.

Article 7 (Cancellation on or after the Start Date)
Cancellations on or after the Start Date (cancellation of contract) shall not be accepted and so the notice thereof shall not elicit any repayment.

Article 8 (Repayment of Lesson Fees)
There shall be no repayment of Lesson Fees if the participant, hereinafter referred to as “Participant,” has been absent for their own reasons.

Article 9 (Transfer of Lesson)
If a Participant cannot attend a lesson, a video of the class shall be sent to them.

Article 10 (Copyrighted Material)
The copyright and other intellectual property rights concerning textbooks and other copyrighted material that has been received by the participants (including the know-how, hereinafter referred to as “The Materials”) shall belong to The Association and shall not be used for activities (including but not limited to the following) that infringe the rights of The Association without prior agreement from The Association.
(1) Activities to publicize the content of The Materials through the Internet by putting The Materials on a website or by other methods in the Participant’s or a third party’s name.
(2) The act of publishing the contents of this work as one’s own or a third party’s work without providing a legally accepted citation.
(3) The act of publishing the contents of this work in one’s own name or a third party’s name without acknowledgement. (4) Any other activities that infringe the copyright and other intellectual property rights of The Materials.

Article 11 (Right of Likeness)
Participation: Participant agrees that Participant might be recorded on video and other media when the Participant is attending original lectures, events, and other activities of The Association. The recorded media shall be used within the range of the activities of the Association.

Article 12 (Confidentiality)
Participant shall treat information concerning original skills, operations and other business matters that have been disclosed by The Association and private information disclosed by other Participants as confidential information. Participant shall not use such information nor disclose it to any third party.

Article 13 (Matters to Be Observed)
Participant shall obey the following rules:
(1) Participant shall follow the instructions of The Association and Coach and shall not engage in acts, speech or behavior that could disturb other Participants.
(2) Participant shall not hold the Association or the tutor responsible for the completeness, usefulness, accuracy or future results of any information obtained through the lessons.
(3) Participant shall not solicit other Participants to join in multi-level marketing, network marketing, and other chain sale methods, shall not try to recruit other Participants to a religion or engage in any other acts that would be considered to be solicitation.
(4) Participant shall not make audio or video recordings of the contents of the course.

Article 14 (Disqualification)
In any of the circumstances outlined below, Participant shall be disqualified from acquiring the course qualification, be forbidden from participating in the course and from participating in any other course provided by The Association. No refunds of lesson fees will be made.
(1) When the Participant violates the Terms and Conditions herein or violates the laws and ordinances.
(2) When the Participant discloses the contents of the course to a third party without the agreement of The Association. (3) When the Participant has engaged in an act that is against public order and morals, or an act that can lead to a crime.
(4) When the Participant has infringed the copyright, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights of The Association.
(5) When facts about the Participant slandering The Association or any interested party linked to The Association have come to light.
(6) When false information is in the application given to The Association.
(7) If the Participant has interfered with our business activities or otherwise had a negative impact on our business activities.

Article 15 (Transfer of Position)
The position of the Participant shall not be transferred to a third party. If the Participant dies, the Participant’s position shall be lost. The position of Participant shall not be transferred to any other party.

Article 16 (Compensation for Damages)
If the Participant violates the Terms and Conditions hereof, or has caused damage to The Association or to a third party including the Coach, the Participant shall bear the responsibility of paying compensation for damages.

Article 17 (Disclaimer)
The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by students or third parties in relation to this course, including but not limited to delays, changes, interruptions, suspensions, loss or disappearance of information, etc.

Article 18 (Invalid Articles)
If any of the Terms and Conditions herein are judged to be illegal or invalid, the remaining Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.

Article 19 (Subject of Discussion)
If any question arises about the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions herein, or if a matter that is not stipulated herein arises, discussions shall be carried out in good faith so that the issue can be amicably resolved.

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