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Your approach to Japanese study will be completely changed. There are two entries.

1. From Scratch Course

Total 28 lessons x 80 min. (Taxi system private lessons)
Online Lesson (Zoom)
Special price: $1,600 → $1,500

This course is designed to be able to communicate smoothly with Japanese from scratch in six months.
You may request your convenient lesson day and time.

  • Applying the process, learners use to memorize the vocabulary they need in the daily lives.
  • Taking advantage of readers’ knowledge of internationally used English.
  • Applying the principles used to remember abnormal events.
  • Using alphabetic script that can be converted into correct Japanese script.

Lesson Curriculum

Japanese Basic Knowledge (1 Lesson)
One Word Communication (12 Lessons)
Sentence Building (6 Lessons)
Situational Conversation (7 Lessons)
Script Starter (2 Lessons)

A maximum of four people can participate at the above rates. You can share with your family members or friends.

Share Price (simply dividing the fee per person)
For 2: $800
For 3: $533
For 4: $400
*The leader (applicant) is required to manage the party.

2. MAMA Master Session

80 min. Participants. (Private Session)
Special price: $35 → $30

Online Session (Zoom)
If the session tine and time are inconvenient, please request in your desirable time and day.

Goals of the session
(1) You will be able to understand how to memorize Japanese words using the MAMA method.
(2) You will be able to remember words easily in future self-study and never forget them.
(3) You will be able to memorize about 20 Japanese words in this session alone.

The Most Important Thing is Knowledge of Vocabulary

As long as you know a lot of words, you will be able to communicate with people, even if you don’t have any knowledge of grammar. Compared to other languages, Japanese is thought to have more flexible rules governing word order. So, you can communicate with Japanese, using only words.

The Essence of MAMA method skills that you will learn in this session.

  • Combination of each Japanese phonetic syllable makes a single character.
  • Transform each character of the words into animals and others that match their first syllable with the character. Then, imagine a shocking visual shot combining the characters and others.
    Ex. The Japanese word eki (station).
    e is represented by elephant and ki by king are battling at a station.
  • You can recall the scene anytime, and the name of the Japanese.

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