MAMA Master Session

Japanese word learning turns into a pleasure!
Language is imagination!

The Most Important Thing is Knowledge of Vocabulary

Super-J coach will teach you the secrets of the skill of the MAMA method in a way that anyone can understand. Your Japanese study approach will be revolutionized by just taking this session.

80 min. Participants. Up to 6 persons

Session Fee: 3,500 yen

Held every Monday at 09:00 AM (Japan time!)
Online Session (Zoom)

If the session tine and time are inconvenient, please fill in your desirable time and day. In the case there are some other students or the teacher is available on your request time and day, special session will be set and inform you.

The Essence of MAMA method skills that you will learn in this session.

  1. Combination of each Japanese phonetic syllable makes a single character.
  2. Transform each character of the words into animals and others that match their first syllable with the character. Then, imagine a shocking visual shot combining the characters and others.
    Ex. The Japanese word eki (station).
    e is represented by elephant and ki by king are battling at a station.
  3. You can recall the scene anytime, and the name of the Japanese.

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