Can you believe you can memorize 20 Japanese words in 5 minutes?

If you struggle to remember Words, Join our MAMA Master Session!
We will make you free from the pain of learning Japanese words.

In existing Japanese language schools, it is entirely up to the students to memorize the Japanese words. We believe the most important task for mastering a language is memorizing vocabulary. If you know many Japanese words you can communicate easily with Japanese people, since the order of a Japanese sentence is flexible.

What you deserve in the session

(1) Master how to memorize words in a short time for long-term memory.

(2) Coach will train you to memorize 20 words using MAMA method within a few minutes period.

(3) It makes learning Japanese words, which used to be a pain, fun!

MAMA Master Session

Session Fee: $35 USD

Full amount returned, If not satisfied.

80 min. Online Session (Zoom)
Participants. Up to 6 persons

We were able to remember Japanese words easily with this slightly different method.

Heidy-san (France-Coast Rica)

I really appreciated the MAMA method, honestly, I have problems remembering words and I was amazed when I was able to say hare (sunny day) in Japanese after the image of a reindeer with its hat appeared in my mind.

Sara-san (Australia)

Super interesting! This is the first time I have learned numbers over ten! I’ll need a lot of practice to make it automatic, but the MAMAcon imagery really helps me remember (i.e. the ladder.) It seemed a bit silly at first to be using imagery like MAMAcon, but now I see how much it helps with picking up a language that is so different to my own.

David-san (Australia)

I learned new words which I was able to apply the MAMAcon method. I am a bigbeliever in mnemonics and they are certainly powerful in terms of memory. I think this method is excellent for beginners with no prior Japanese knowledge. Aclean slate beginner can build their Japanese knowledge and skills from theground up with the method. I wholeheartedly agree with learning vocabularyfirst.

How do I learn the Japanese words?

This is a method to memorize Japanese word
meanings and sounds with your brain picture.

Let’s take a picture in your brain!

We never forget unusual events that fall outside our daily routine. Memory magic is a method of memorizing words by associating them with unusual events. Words are imagination. Take a picture in your brain as you click the shutter. (registered in the Japan Patent Office as a utility model No. 3215185)

The Essence of MAMA method skills
  1. Combination of each Japanese phonetic syllable makes a single character.
  2. Transform each character of the words into animals and others that match their first syllable with the character. Then, imagine a shocking visual shot combining the characters and others.
    Ex. The Japanese word eki (station).
    e is represented by elephant and ki by king are dancing at a station.
  3. You can recall the scene anytime, and the name of the Japanese.

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