If you imagine the below scene, you will never forget.

The Japanese word for this is ”ame” (rain)

Imagine the picture to remember the word “rain” (“ame” in Japanese)!
It rains. Alligators and melons are also falling down.

This is our revolutionary study method to learn Japanese language. We believe that the most important part of mastering a language is learning vocabulary. Our MAMA method, which has been registered in the Japan Patent Office as a utility model, makes the process of memorizing a large amount of vocabulary in a very short time an enjoyable one. This method is rapidly expanding among Japanese learners.

Our academy is aimed to master Japanese language in a short time with many unique learning methods, including sentence building and script learning.

You first goal is mastering MAMA (Memory Aid Magical Alternative) first.

About MAMA Method

[Our Memorization Technique Uses Unforgettably Bizarre Scenarios]
In this lesson, you can memorize vocabulary in a fun easy way; once you’ve learned a word, you will never forget it with our memory magic study method. We never forget unusual events that fall outside our daily routine. Memory magic is a method of memorizing words by associating them with unusual events.

This method is proved by brain working system

MAMA Master Session

80 min. Participants. Up to 6 persons
Session Fee: $35

Sessions are being held as needed!
Online Session (Zoom)

Goals of the session
(1) You will be able to understand how to memorize Japanese words using the MAMA method.
(2) You will be able to remember words easily in future self-study and never forget them.
(3) You will be able to memorize about 20 Japanese words in this session alone.

The Most Important Thing is Knowledge of Vocabulary

As long as you know a lot of words, you will be able to communicate with people, even if you don’t have any knowledge of grammar. Compared to other languages, Japanese is thought to have more flexible rules governing word order. So, you can communicate with Japanese, using only words.

The Essence of MAMA method skills that you will learn in this session.

  1. Combination of each Japanese phonetic syllable makes a single character.
  2. Transform each character of the words into animals and others that match their first syllable with the character. Then, imagine a shocking visual shot combining the characters and others.
    Ex. The Japanese word eki (station).
    e is represented by elephant and ki by king are battling at a station.
  3. You can recall the scene anytime, and the name of the Japanese.