Online From Scratch Course [Part 1]


This is completely different from conventional lessons.
Our Super-J course was created taking a non-academic approach that enables learners to easily communicate in Japanese in just six months.

Groups of up to four learners:
A maximum of four students can take the course for the above price, so you can save money by sharing the course.

Lesson fee for Part 1 per student will be:

  • Enrolment fee of 20,000 yen per student + below
  • Groups of two: 37,500 yen per student
  • Groups of three: 25,000 yen per student
  • Groups of four: 18,750 yen per student

This offer also applies to the second payment (Enrolment fee is not required).
*Consumer tax is required for learners in Japan.

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[Part 1] OneWord Communication

A. Memory Magic Skill (five lessons)
  1. Learning the structure of Japanese using alphabetic script (Glomaji) and the theory behind our magic MAMA method.
  2. Memorizing 38 words to do with shopping and other related information.
  3. Memorizing 44 words to do with travel and other related information.
  4. Memorizing 41 words to do with eating out and other related information.
  5. Master reading numbers, the different counting systems and other related information.
B. Target Words (10 lessons)
  • Memorizing visible words (items used in everyday life).
  • Memorizing invisible words (numeral counters, dates and times, appearances, colors/shapes/sizes, etc.).
  • Memorizing words to do with human relations (family, relatives, friends and others).
  • Memorizing action words (verbs), explanatory words (adjectives) and question words.

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