Online From Scratch Course Q & A

Can I continue to take lessons in other locations?

You may take some lessons in your country of residence and continue to learn from any other location (country).

Can I take lessons using a PC that is shared with members of my family in the case of shared lessons?

It is better to use a PC separately, but this is allowed.

Is it possible to take lessons using a smartphone?

As long as you can study with it, any device is OK.

I’m not a beginner, can I skip some lessons?

Many people are under the misapprehension that the study of grammar is language study. We place more importance on memorizing words that are used daily first, and teach you skills which enable you to enjoy easily memorizing these words. If you are confident that you know these words, you can take a level check test, and if you have already acquired enough vocabulary, you can skip some lessons. The lesson fee will be deducted. However, you have to take the lesson to acquire the ability to employ our study methods.

Do you have any scholarship programs?

If you have a specific field of expertise or skill and want to work in a Japanese company, we will introduce you a proper company that is in need of your skills, and your lesson fee will be instead paid by that company.

After completing the course, can I get any kind of certificate?

We are not involved in so-called certificate business. We provide a certificate of “JapaNEEDS Ability Based on Linguistic Efficiency” (J- ABLE) to show that you can communicate well to only those who have finished the course and passed our test. We are responsible for guaranteeing your level of proficiency and can help you find a job in a Japanese company if you wish.